Pears With Licorice, Manchego, or Almonds: Hedy Says Try It All!

We know she has sweet and salty sides, which is why her desserts are always such a delight. Even for food aficionados who embrace savory, saving room at Michael's Genuine for executive pastry chef Hedy Goldsmith's creations is of paramount importance.

We were treated to a tasting menu last night that highlighted the many varieties of pears, an ingredient that Goldsmith loves to work with. "Pears are my favorite autumn fruit, they are incredibly versatile and hold up really well with different cooking processes."

The best part of being an adult is that no one can tell you that it's inappropriate to eat dessert for dinner.

We also received a pear tutorial courtesy of a PR pack representing the

"Pear Bureau" who literally answered every pear-related question without

faltering. Example: we had no idea the Pacific

Northwest is accountable for every single pear we eat, and they are

expecting to harvest 420,000 tons of pears, the third largest crop on


The pear picking starts in August with Starkrimson and

Barletts, and then continues through October with Seckels, Bosc, and

Forelles. The season lasts thru spring, and apparently pears store

really well because they don't ripen on the tree. They also have a cute, kitschy slogan that insists "the time is ripe for pears."

So how to tell if a pear is ripe? Pears ripen from the inside out, so

check the neck by applying a bit of pressure, and if it's slightly soft,

it's ready to eat. Oh, and don't leave them in the refrigerator,

unless you are prepared for the ripening process to take a very long


Goldsmith says that she will be adding pear desserts to the menu at MGFD, a few have already made it on to tasting menus for special events.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.