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PB Steak in SoBe: The Pubbelly Trio Strikes Again

When the Pubbelly boys open restaurants, they call them concepts. Their strategies, though, are not about location. It's not décor. Or cuisine. Or even target crowd.

The concept, rather, is Pubbelly.

The word describes not food or ambience, but brand. And PB Steak -- the latest South Beach restaurant to bear the insignia of Miami's fastest-growing restaurant empire -- is its most recent poster child.

Since 2010, José Mendín, Andreas ­Schr­ei­n­­­er, and Sergio Navarro -- known as the Pubbelly boys -- have opened six thriving restaurants in South Florida. Their monolith now sprawls from South Beach's Sunset Harbour to Alton Road to South Miami. At first, what seems most impressive about these men is their age. All are 35 or younger. But this an oversimplification. Age is not what is most remarkable about these bacon boys. Mendín, Schreiner, and Navarro do more than run dining spots. In just three years, the team has branded a sui generis style of restaurant.

The Pubbelly locales have good music, well-curated beer and wine lists, and menus centered on sharing and small plates. There are clocks on the wall that display time zones in Madrid, Rome, Barcelona, and elsewhere. There are chalkboard menus. There are whimsical desserts. There are myriad dishes prepared with copious amounts of pork belly.

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Emily Codik