Pastelito de Guayaba at Alicia's in Allapattah

A pastelito de guayaba is a delicious, flaky, puff pastry filled with semi-gooey guava paste. To make it, you seal the dough with egg wash, bake it, then brush it with syrup for a finger stickin', flake-stickin'-to-lip experience.

They can be found at most any Latin bakery, coffee shop, or convenience store in Miami, but one of our favorite places to eat them is at the the counter of Alicia Coffee Shop in the Allapattah Produce Market. This working class stand up joint serves a variety of batidos, hot sandwiches, breakfast specials, croquettas, fried empanadas, and of course the all important coffee (con leche, or straight up colada).

A 6 a.m. drive east on Calle Ocho between SW 27th Ave and Biscayne Bay belies the tourist notion that Little Havana is in a constant state of colada sipping, domino slapping, Cohiba smoking, rice and bean eating, political discoursing, and ¡Fuacata! exclaiming. Hey, Cubans sleep too. So, if you're looking for a trusty super-early fix of authentic Latin breakfast standards Alicia Coffee Shop has been serving the needs of pre-sunrise produce mongers since forever and a day.

The boss of the joint, who refused to give his name, "Ni primero, ni apellido. Nunca pa la prensa." (Not the first name, not the last name. Never for the press), told us that during the Elian scandal Miami native Janet Reno (pronounced Yanereno in Cuban) told a radio audience she ate about 50 pastelitos there a day.


A pastelito de guayaba and large cafe con leche only costs $2.25. Enjoy.

Alicia Coffee Shop
Allapattah Produce Market
West side of NW 12th Avenue at 22nd Street

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