Pastelito Burger: Pincho Factory's Epic Buns Available All Month
Courtesy of Pincho Factory on Facebook

Pastelito Burger: Pincho Factory's Epic Buns Available All Month

Donuts as buns: it's been done. And while a nicely charred meat patty is pretty outstanding when pressed between Homer Simpson's favorite all-American snack food, there's another option that suits our Latin city even better.

What's that, you ask? A burger with a pastelitos on top and bottom. Yes, seriously. This sweet and savory mound of meat is available all month at Pincho Factory. Thanks to owner Nedal Ahmad and his tireless creativity, you can have two of your favorite edibles in one towering stack of meat, cheese and sweets.

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"The donut burger is overdone so we decided to take it a different route," says Ahmad.

This is their third year serving up the creation, and people definitely dig it. Ahmad says it's their most popular burger of the month.

Pincho Factory is known for their meaty, creative concoctions -- items like fritanga burgers, duck poutine and quesadilla burgers. They're so well known, in fact, that they were recently featured on George Motz's Burger Land on the Travel Channel.

And while the current outpost is in Westchester, they're coming soon to Coral Gables, too.

But hurry over for your pastelito fix. This particular fat kid's dream come true is only available through May 31st, and it runs $8. Follow Pincho Factory on Facebook for updates on all their new edibles.

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