Pasta Folie's Opening First U.S. Location In Midtown

Pasta Folie's is bringing their line-up of "extravagant pastas" to Midtown with the first stateside location opening just south of fellow fast-casuals Muscle Maker Grill, Sweet Pointe Bakery and 100 Montaditos (3252 Buena Vista Avenue, Suite 118). Given that it adds to the ever-expanding food court effect in the area, we are wondering if more full-service restaurants (like Sugarcane and Sustain) can flourish here long-term, or if everyone is just stopping by for a snack after shopping at Target.

Originally a French "brasserie" concept which began in 1999 in Cannes, the "international" inspired menu (noodles did come from China, after all) features a long list of pastas covering everything from fettuccine to fusilli. They emphasize the use of fresh ingredients, topping noodles with traditional pesto, chunks of steamed broccoli, or pappardelle simply prepared with tomatoes and basil.

The prices depend on what you order, and they are more than willing to

top your plate with any combo of ingredients according to your personal

pasta fantasy. From ravioli in a creamy cheese sauce to a multi-tiered

veggie lasagna, Folie's is not exactly stepping outside the bounds of

creative inspiration, but the pre-launch photos on their website do make everything look fairly tasty.

They'll also be offering up salads you would expect from a South of France eatery, like a classic niçoise with eggs and anchovies, and a goat cheese salad with skinny slices of fresh beets.

No word yet on the official opening date, we'll let you know when we know.

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