SpeedETab - coffee (and beer) is a few taps away.
SpeedETab - coffee (and beer) is a few taps away.
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Panther Coffee Half-Priced for National Coffee Day

There's no doubt that since Panther Coffee came onto the scene in 2011, Miami's perceptions on coffee have changed.

The only problem with Panther Coffee's freshly roasted beans and rich, complex flavors is the wait to get them. It's possible that you might have experienced a long line for your cold brew — usually when you're either late for work or still hungover and your throbbing head and shaking hands need that caffeine jolt. That wait for Panther has become part of the price you pay for a rocking cup of Joe in Miami — until now.

Panther Coffee has just partnered with tech companies SpeedETab and Caviar in order to make getting Panther Coffee easier and faster. 

If you're on the fence about downloading yet another app onto your phone, here's a little incentive to sweeten the (coffee) pot. Order your cold-brew or ready-brew coffee through SpeedETab today, September 29, and your java is half-priced in celebration of National Coffee Day.

According to Panther partner Leticia Pollock, using an app like SpeedETab allows you to skip the lines. "SpeedETab allows you to place orders through your phones and sends you a notification when your drink is ready to pick up. No more waiting in lines." Plus, you'll be able to be as picky about your custom coffee online as you are in person. SpeedETab asks you the utmost personal questions about your coffee preferences from how you like your coffee brewed (vacuum, Kalita Wave, Clever, or French press) to whether you want your cortadito with an extra shot of espresso and soy milk.

Pollock says there's no charge for downloading the app and online ordering is available at all three Panther locations. Pollock, a small-business owner with husband Joel, says there's one more plus side to ordering through SpeedETab — you'll be supporting another local South Florida business. "The people at SpeedETab are really nice guys. You're supporting a great local initiative and saving precious time."

Of course, SpeedETab's not just useful for ordering coffee. The app can also order up food and even cocktails at a number of local establishments like Drinkhouse Fire & Ice. Just think of the possibilities of ordering a Drunken Dalai Lama cocktail ($16) while still in your Uber and having it waiting for you as you make your grand entrance at the bar. Now you can prove just what a baller you really are, walking up to the bar and having your favorite drink waiting for you.

SpeedETab is also available at Casablanca Seafood Bar & Grill, John Martin's Irish Pub, R House,  Miam Cafe, Loba, Coyo Taco, American Social, Tongue & Cheek, the soon-to-open Izzy's Fish and Oyster, and more. For a complete list of participating bars and restaurants, visit speedetab.com.

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