Pans, Knives, and Tom Cruise on Miami's Restaurant Supply Row

Wanna know a dirty little secret? Those expensive knives and pans you buy at the mall aren't worth the scratch. For huge savings on kitchen equipment and unique items you won't find at your usual kitchenware store, hit "Restaurant Supply Row" on N. Miami Ave. just north of the Dolphin Expressway. As a bonus, go this week and you might catch a glimpse of Tom Cruise dressed as an '80s headbanger!

1. Knives
The most important tool for any home cook is a sharp knife. Think back to the last time you tried to slice a tomato with that dull blade you've had in the drawer for ten years. Time for an upgrade. A huge investment isn't necessary -- just pick up a Dexter Russell chef knife ($19.95, ABC Restaurant Supplies) and a sharpening stone, and be careful not to slice off a fingertip.

2. Man-Cave Decorations

Whether you're decorating a frat house or a little space at home that you can call your own, pick up some "art" to manify the place. Wooden Sam Adams signs and abundant neon (various prices, ABC Restaurant Supplies) can be found here on the cheap.

3. Pans, Pans, Pans

Stainless, nonstick, cast iron, oh my. For a great multipurpose nonstick pan, try the ten-inch Winware Nonstick Fry Pan ($20.95, ABC Restaurant Supplies). These are the same pans used in restaurants thousands of times a month, so clearly they can handle the occasional fried egg.

4. Carvelanche

Similar to the McFlurry machine in McDonald's locations everywhere, this industrial-strength milkshake maker ($375, ABC Restaurant Supplies) beats any blender and allows you to mix in the cup. Not to mention it looks awesome.

5. Popcorn Machine

Sure, it's huge and totally impractical, but this old-school popcorn popper ($850, Broz Equipment) is also the perfect addition to your "home theater" or creepy circus-themed room.

ABC Restaurant Supplies and Broz Equipment
N. Miami Avenue between NE 13th and 14th streets

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