Ozzi Sushi Bar: Grab and Go On the Sushi Merry-Go-Round Downtown

Downtown Miami was once bums, tourists, and day-old moros spilled on the sidewalk. But now it's cool. Case in point. Ozzi Sushi, a kaiten-style sushi bar -- or sushi-go-round. A large orchid mural is the bright backdrop for canals where miniature wooden "sushi boats" laden with plates of colorful and fresh dishes travel like an edible theme park ride.

Owners Laurence and Fabrice Colozzi -- hence the restaurant name "Ozzi" - came to Florida from their native France four years ago ready for a new adventure. Having seen the popularity of the kaiten sushi concept in Japan they decided that downtown diners were ready for a new "fun and healthy fast food option."

Fabrice, appropriately a space engineer by trade, designed and built the impressive merry-go-round structure that multitasks as a table, server and sushi bar.

Says the creative engineer: "Because of the efficiencies of the concept, we are able to offer a fresh menu at competitive prices."

Sushi chef Jose Gamez brings an impressive arsenal of experience, having honed his skills at Makoto, Soowoo Japanese Steakhouse and neighboring Zuma before taking center stage at Ozzi. This knife wielding Salvadoran fills his creations with color and flavor.

Fabrice informs us that "The boats travel at a speed of 3 inches per second", giving you ample time to decide between the tropical roll, spicy crab salad and salmon tartar. Or, you can grab all three before they pass you by. Your bill is based on the number and type of plates of food you've consumed, ranging from $1.50 to $3.50 per plate.

Ozzi Sushi Bar
200 SE First Street, Miami


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