Ottavia Bourdain's Employees Only: Watch the Pilot Here

When married to a man who happens to be an author/television personality/chef/publisher/stand-up comic/snarkmeister, a woman generally has two options in life: 

1. You can spend all his money on trips to Barney's.

2. You can train to be a martial arts warrior while taking a stab at your own television show.

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It seems that Ottavia Bourdain, wife of Tony, is taking the action figure route. Besides appearing frequently on Bourdain's No Reservations series, co-raising the couple's daughter, and practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, Mrs. Bourdain is now producing a web series with friend and colleague Tania Van Pelt, who wrote and directed the pilot and Allen McLain who filmed it.

Bourdain's official title, according to the website is person "who made shit happen". Sounds like a producer to us.

Ottavia tweeted about the project, inviting her followers to watch and critique the 22-minute pilot. Filmed with zero budget, Employees Only follows the employees of Zio, a fictional New York City restaurant filled with a lot of kitchen drama.

Though this is Ottavia's own project, if you happen to sleep with a celebrity chef, might as well take advantage, right? So Bourdain enlists Bourdain to play... Bourdain at the opening night party.

If you've got time, here's the entire episode:

Here's the trailer, if you're in a rush:

And let Ottavia know what you think!

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