Organic Food Still Not Proven Safer, Study Suggests

Before you head to the GreenWise organic section at Publix, you might want to read a bit further. Is your money going as far as you think it is?

The debate continues as a new study is inconclusive as to whether eating organic produce and meat is healthier or safer.

So why pay premium prices for products that might not be better?

According to an article published today on foodsafetynews.com, "Consumers purchase organic foods for many reasons," scientists wrote in a Stanford University study. "Despite the widespread perception that organically produced foods are more nutritious than conventional alternatives, we did not find robust evidence to support this perception."

The study reveals minor evidence that organics are worth your dollar. One such finding was lower pesticide levels in the urine of children who went organic for five days. But there wasn't a finding to say the pesticides would've been particularly harmful in the first place.

The scientists noted that despite their findings, they urge consumers to read their review with caution, because there have been no long-term studies comparing the health outcomes of people who eat strictly organic and those who do not. Expense and difficulty are the main causes for such studies not being conducted.

In 2010, the organic industry was valued at $29 billion -- it's more than likely well beyond that figure two years later. You'd think with all that money, the industry could fund a long-term study to finally settle the debate: Is eating organic really better?

But what do you, as a consumer, think? Do you buy organics because you think they're better for you? For trend's sake? Or do you think the whole thing is a load of baloney? Comment with your thoughts.

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