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On the Way Out: Mayor Manny Diaz Pretends to Eat Collard Greens.

How can you tell a politician's lying? If his lips are moving? What about if they are eating?

Monday, we saw Mayor Manny Diaz at a press conference at the Roots In The City garden and urban farm in the middle of Historic Overtown (NW Third Avenue and Ninth Street).

We asked Mayor Diaz what his favorite vegetable is, "I love tomatoes;" he said. And when was the last time he had collard greens? "Ya know, I don't know, it's been a while." Would he try the collards grown in Overtown? "Sure I would try em', sure." Click here to see our video.

Farm head, activist, and Florida historian Marvin Dunn offered to cook and deliver collard greens to Diaz's office and the mayor accepted. "And I don't just go around cooking for politicians, but he's a good mayor," said Dunn off camera.

Watch the above video and you'll notice the greens conspicuously missing from Diaz' bowl, His first bite reaction (to broth and cornbread) tells us he's not the leafy vegetable's biggest fan. So maybe he doesn't like collard greens, no big deal. What's important, and great, is that he supports a green initiative offering Overtown the opportunity for economic revitalization. Thanks Mayor Diaz.

Here are some pictures from the Mayor's office.

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