Om Nom Nom Cookies Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Miami has its fair share of delectable desserts. From Hedy Goldsmith's homemade Nutter Butters to Icebox Café's Chocolate Delight, we've got enough goodies to keep local dentists on their toes. But there's only one cookie company whipping up sweet treats that bear the distinction of being cruelty-free: Om Nom Nom Cookies.

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Anthea Ponsetti, founder (and known affectionately as "Head Cookie") recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to take her rapidly growing vegan confection company to the next level.

Currently available at hometown spots like Panther Coffee, the Bookstore in the Grove and O Cinema, the treats come in flavors like orange zested chocolate chip, spicy Mexican snickerdoodle and cranberry walnut oatmeal.

Since their inception in June 2011, the company has been steadily growing in popularity. But more customers means more cookies, and they haven't had the means to effectively package large amounts of their product.

The baking end was working beautifully, because of the establishment we have," Ponsetti says. "Our Achilles heel was the packaging. We ran into a glitch and realized very quickly that we had to purchase some sort of machine."

A flow wrap machine, to be specific. But such things don't come cheap. Hence the start of their $12,000 Kickstarter campaign. The effort launched on September 18, and and it comes to a close on October 28. If they don't raise the $12K, all money raised will have to be refunded to donors. So far, they're at $1,187.

Ponsetti says they chose Kickstarter because it's a great way for small businesses to get funded. "It's so hard as a small business to get funding through banks and additional means. Reaching out to local community members and other like minded businesses is kind of perfect for us."

The company also gained some out of state clients, so being able to pack and ship is even more crucial. Ponsetti says they're even in the process of being picked up by a three-branch vegan store in Los Angeles.

"We can really produce. We have two walk-in ovens. We can produce about 2 to 3,000 cookies every 12 minutes, it's just a matter of getting them in the packaging."

A flow wrap machine also means they can shop around for greener packaging, which Ponsetti says isn't readily available for their current setup.

They're working on new flavors including seasonal pumpkin with nutmeg and cardamon, lemon, and in partnership with Panther Coffee, a chocolate coffee variety. And in response to a flood of requests, they're also about to introduce gluten free options.

Those who donate to perpetuate the vegan cookie cause also get goodies. Ranging from a thank you email and a cookie to a baking class and party invites, the Kickstarter campaign provides plenty of swag for donors.

We're pretty sure the blue dude himself would approve.

Cookie lovers can visit the company's Kickstarter page to donate. The campaign ends on October 28.

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