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Om Nom Nom Cookies Holds Jingle Contest

If you, like the Cookie Monster, tend to break out in song every time you bite into a tasty baked treat, then you've got to enter Om Nom Nom's jingle contest.

The Miami-based vegan cookie company is looking for a 30-second long jingle that can be edited down to 5-15 seconds for use on different forms of media.

In return for your jingle, you'll get musical credit, a link to your web site, and (best of all) a free swag kit including cookies and other goodies for you and your friends.

Plus, the good people at Om Nom Nom will write a blog post about the winner, complete with plugs about their band or blog or music.

Om Nom Nom founder, Anthea Ponsetti said she's already received a few really good submissions in different musical genres. "We've gotten some hip hop, some pop selections. There was one that wasn't very politically correct, but it was really funny. I actually loved it."

Ponsetti said she's looking for creativity that matches up with the company's aesthetic, suggesting that people look at the company's website for inspiration (and eating some of their cookies would probably help, too).

Ponsetti, a lover of all music, said that the winning jingle will be attached to their logo and placed on their website and, possibly, other marketing materials. She thought this was a great way to work with local musicians and students on a fun collaborative project.

The rules are pretty simple. Submit your 30-second jingle in any format (MP3, a YouTube link, etc.) to [email protected] by May 15. If you've always dreamed of writing the next catchy jingle -- this is your shot at greatness.

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