Okay Mountain Corner Store at Pulse Art Fair Is Effin' Hilarious

The Okay Mountain Corner Store, now appearing at Pulse Art Fair (1400 N. Miami Ave., Miami), is possibly the greatest artwork ever conceived, an exercise in total hilarity, and really fuckin' funny.

The store is the creation of the Okay Mountain artists' collective from Austin, Texas. It is a highly detailed approximation of a corner store full of made-up products that are all for sale.

When we were in the store, a reporter from the Wall Street Journal was talking to the shopkeepers, so don't be surprised when the Okay Mountain Corner Store gets national attention.

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If Diet Pickles, Hot Dog Water, Get a Baby Drunk, Street Bites, ATM Poker, Horny Storm, Head Trauma Chips, or Ookie Cookie sound like brand names of products you'd like to try, Okay Mountain Corner Store is for you.

Visit okaymountain.com for more info. Here are some more pictures...  

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