Oil Spill Kitchen: A Made-in-Miami Idea in the Running for Pepsi Refresh Grant

Michelle Duncan and boyfriend David Shipman have been talking about owning a food truck for a while. When not working in the kitchen at the Morgans Restaurant, the two Le Cordon Bleu grads spend time at a friend's truck serving some of the dishes they create and refine in their tiny South Beach kitchen. But theirs wouldn't be your average food truck.

Duncan and Shipman envisioned a truck called Oil Spill Kitchen

that would travel to areas affected by the Gulf oil spill and serve

healthful, complimentary food to fishermen, relief workers, and anyone affected by the

spill. And they are contending for a $50,000 grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project -- a campaign where Pepsi gives away millions of dollars each month

to fund "refreshing ideas."

The first time they applied for a Pepsi Refresh Grant, their idea wasn't accepted. But when Pepsi announced its "Do Good for the Gulf" Refresh Project, Duncan says they knew it was their chance.

Voting just began, and Oil Spill Kitchen must finish in the top ten in its category to receive funding. So, go on, help out the locals by casting your vote here. You have until August 31.

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