Odds 'n' Ends: Closings, New Beginnings, Events

A grab bag of food-related items this a.m. 

  • One of our favorite Lauderdale cafes has closed temporarily while they look for a new home: Sugar n Spice,

    formerly on Oakland Park Boulevard and the brainchild of a French/Irish

    chef duo, Jean and Vero, has decided to look for a "more intimate"

    setting (i.e. smaller -- my guess is they couldn't support the

    supersized room they were in).  One never knows with these "temporary"

    closings, but I do hope the good ladies find a place to suit them and

    that we'll soon see them turning out their signature French-inspired

    homestyle grub: gratineed potatoes, chicken Milanese, and ratatouille

    with a vengeance. In the meantime, they're catering. Contact them at

    chezlesfilles@hotmail.fr. for your next shindig.

  • One of our local blogging stars, Trina at Miamidish.net,

    helped premier a new Saturday monthly radio show called Under the Sun on WLRN

    91.3 (Trina is the associate assistant producer, and has put together a companion

    blog at www.underthesun.org www.wlrnunderthesun.org). The show runs once a month: next air date is Saturday March 7 at noon or Sunday March 8 at 7 p.m. Their theme music was created by DJ Le Spam and the Spam

    Allstars, and the show promises stories on everything from inexplicable

    Florida mysteries to Miracle Fruit (in the Mysteries category: Why do

    birds congregate on the wires at intersections every evening? Stream

    the story here to find out.

  • Clematis Street, West Palm, has opened a real greasy spoon: Greasy burgers, greasy fries, greasy onion rings at Grease Burger Bar

    (213 Clematis, formerly Nobles) -- brought to you by the same guys who

    own Rocco's tacos, City Cellar, City Oyster, and Big City Tavern -- Big

    Time Restaurant Group. This cabal of heavies seems to be one of the few

    companies able to turn a buck in the restaurant biz these days, and fer

    sure anybody who can purvey a decent burger deserves our rapt

    attention. And in spite of the flat screens playing sports, the concept

    aims for "cool" a la New York's Meatpacking district, according the the

    owners. Hey, until airfares drop again, no reason we can't pretend we're in Manhattan, right? Martha, fetch me my Manolos.

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