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Oaktoberfest: Eat and Drink Like a Man at Oak Tavern

Oktoberfest, Oaktoberfest. Kind of like potato, potahto -- except Oaktoberfest features beer, food, Esquire (and Miami Herald) writer Evan Benn, and Oak Tavern's David Bracha combining forces for a four-course meal next Wednesday, October 23.

What's better than a four-course dinner? Not much we can think of.

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Benn, a regular contributor to Esquire's blog Eat Like a Man, knows his beer. To celebrate the month of beer, he will pair craft brewskies from the United States, Germany, and beyond with Bracha's wordily and rustic cuisine.

The menu includes a house pretzel first course involving blue cheese and cranberries. It's paired with a Belgian Duchesse de Bourgogne. And because nothing goes better than beer and pizza, the second course features just that, with a spin -- duck pizza with mushrooms, fontina, roasted garlic, and truffles. There's also brined pork shoulder with caramelized trout and semmelknoedel (try saying that three times fast). Wondering what in the world semmelknoedel is? They're German-style bread dumplings, paired with a -- you guessed it -- German beer (Aecht Schlenkerla and Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen). And because it's October, end the night with pumpkin maple cheesecake and a Lagunita cappuccino stout from the West Coast.

Short Order spoke with Benn about the event and why he chose Oak Tavern to host it.

"I really love the way David takes influences from all over the world and creates food that's very much American. His pork-belly/foie-gras bánh mì is a perfect example of this," he says. "Here's a traditional Vietnamese sandwich that David has Americanized with pork belly and foie gras and a homemade mini baguette. It's a brilliant dish that we're pairing with a Japanese craft beer... In honor of Oktoberfest, we're doing a German-inspired course with two classic German beers, so diners can choose which pairing they prefer. The rest of the courses reflect that global-through-an-American-perspective that I think David's food has in common with the U.S. craft-beer revolution. With craft beer, we've seen American brewers take their cues from European brewers and give beers their own spin. Oak Tavern's food in many ways reflects that, which is why I think this will be such a fun beer dinner."

Though it's not a costume thing, we recommend wearing loose clothing to accommodate all the brew. Not a beer connoisseur? Benn and Bracha will guide you through the meal. They might even teach you how to eat and drink like a man. Seating is limited, and tickets cost $50. The event begins at 7 p.m. October 23rd with a beer aperitif and snacks. Happy Oaktoberfest!

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