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November is Sticky Peanut Butter Month

November is national peanut butter lover's month. Even with peanut allergies on the rise, peanut butter is found in about 75 percent of all American homes.

This American pantry staple dates back to the Incas who created a paste-like substance from peanuts. The first American commercial peanut crop was grown in North Carolina around 1818. But it wasn't until C.H. Summer offered peanut butter at his concession stand during the Universal Exposition of 1904 in St. Louis that the public caught on and it became an American favorite.

Today there are close to 300 types of peanut butter varying in flavor and texture. Close to one third of the US peanut crop goes towards peanut butter production. That's close to 3 pounds per person per year.  The stuff is popping up on restaurant menus in desserts, burger toppings and appetizers.  This week we'll share with you a few of our favorites, but for today embrace your childhood and make yourself a PB&J sandwich.

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Christina Staalstrom