Nothing Staves Off Bad Luck Like... Cheese!

Goodness gracious, another Friday the 13th rolling around  -- that makes two this year. But we have a plan to help you beat back bad luck this week: On Friday, March 13, Slow Foods Glades to Coast is teaming up with the Cheese Course in Weston to demonstrate the art of making fresh mozzarella, a food that has been known to fight off evil spirits when ingested in copious quantities. Cheese Steward Denyse Gervasoni and store owner manager Janet Ribera will talk about how our favorite food combines perfectly with locally grown Farmhouse heirloom tomatoes, Swank farm greens, and basil from Pontano Farms. Cheese and produce will be for sale after the demo, and the cost to attend is FREE. Lucky, lucky you.

BTW, the Cheese Course is pretty much your one-stop shop for party time: They'll personally help you pick out cheeses that are great counterpoints in terms of flavor, texture, and sharpness for your next shindig, whether it's a formal sitdown or a cocktail meetup. Stop by and let them explain what the difference is between a "bloomy rind" and a "washed rind." You'll find beautiful breads and wine, serving dishes and platters, chutneys, jams, and crackers too.

1679 Market St.

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