Nom nom nom: Alligator Season Starts Today!

I've still got an alligator tail steak the size of a bistro table in my freezer from LAST year's season, and here we are starting the party all over again. Fact is, I'm a little afraid of it. The steak, I mean, although the folks who hunt alligators can sometimes be just a mite intimidating themselves. But maybe it's time I thawed that sucker out and did something with it. Anybody got a good gator recipe they'd care to share?

In related news: I heard a rumor that Alligator Alley is planning to put on a barbecue two Sundays from now. My infallible instinct tells me there's a 40 percent chance Kilmo's gonna be cooking up a mess of gator ribs, as he's been occasionally known to do. In case you're not in the mood to go harpooning in the middle of the night with about 5 billion mosquitos, but you're hankering for some saurean saute, the Alley always has gator on the menu, and it's pretty darn good with Kilmo's special secret szechuan sauce.

--Gail Shepherd

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