Nick Cannon's Birthday Cake at Fontainebleau

Who got a taste of this towering treat from Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes over the weekend? Nick Cannon, who celebrated his birthday over the weekend at Arkadia in Fontainebleau. Here are some party shots to prove it.

We can imagine how the phone order went down:

"Helllloooo! Cake people? Yes, this is Mariah. Mariah CAREY. Yeah I need a big, triple-tiered cake made immediately for the man who will always be my baby. Yes, Nick Cannon, my dream lover who came and rescued me. He'll be 31.

"Let's talk about the look. It has to be totally covered with bling 'cause my man is so fly. Yes, Swarovski crystal letters, please. What? Do I want a butterfly on there? Oh, gawd no. But let's put an edible version of some Beats By Dr. Dre Monster Pro Over-the-Ear Headphones, instead. Much more masculine.

"I think I'm gonna cry from all this design drama. You've got me feeling all these emotions... No. I don't want to cry. I still believe we can work this order out. I'll just shake it off.

"Wait -- it will cost how much? Oh, you're such a heartbreaker! But you know, Nick's my hero, so I'll spare no cost.

"Can you have that ready in an hour? Right, well I guess love takes time. Just make it happen. Bye bye!"

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