Knowing how to hydrate to prevent and cure a hangover are crucial.EXPAND
Knowing how to hydrate to prevent and cure a hangover are crucial.
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New Year's Day Hangover Tips From a Doctor

It's New Year's Day, and that translates to resolutions and hangovers.

If you're feeling the effects of last night's champagne-and-tequila-fueled partying, there are some things you can do.

Dr. Robert Palmer, who teaches at Chicago Medical School and works at Rush Copley Medical Center, has a few tips on how to survive the morning after.

Eat asparagus. Asparagus has minerals and amino acids that help your liver filter out harmful toxins. "Trust me on this. For years, asparagus has been used as an herbal remedy," Palmer says. 

Hydrate. Staying hydrated is key, but what many people don't realize is how to hydrate properly. If you didn't drink water throughout the night, coconut water and Gatorade will help, according to Palmer.

Emergen-C. "Boy, do I wish Emergen-C existed back in my college days. It has everything in one packet," Palmer says. One packet contains the essential vitamins and electrolytes that are depleted during a drinking binge.

Stay away from alcohol. "Back in college, my friends swore that two beers were the cure for a hangover. Now that I am a doctor, I'd like to set the record straight." When you drink the morning after, all you're doing is putting more toxins in your body and dehydrating yourself more.

The key is to get out of bed, drink a cup of water with an Emergen-C tablet, shower, and brunch. Palmer adds there's no need to eat greasy food. "There's really no proven facts that the greasier the brunch, the better you'd feel."

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