Reader: "As Long as It’s Dark as Night Inside, We’ll Never Be Able to Tell It’s Not the Real Thing"

The original Fox's sign.
The original Fox's sign. Photo by Phillip Pessar via Flickr
Miami is a city constantly reinventing itself. It seems that the skyline changes almost daily with new buildings popping up, new restaurants opening, and new experiences to be had.

Still, though, sometimes the iconic establishments are the ones we love most. And when they close down, we miss them.

This week, New Times reported that Chris Hudnall and Randy Alonso of Lost Boy & Co. are re-creating the beloved Fox's Sherron Inn, which closed in 2015. The duo behind Lost Boy and Tropezón plans to reopen the beloved South Miami institution this summer — right down to the jukebox, food menu, and dimly lit lounge.

New Times readers shared their hopes for the new iteration of Fox's on Facebook — along with some great stories about the times they had at the original.

Tau Ceti remembers:
Wow, this is great. I use to go to that place a lot, great food and conversation. I knew Mr. Andrews and his immediate family, we had something in common, which were airplanes and also avid photographers, so they were my customers as well since I had the photo store just blocks away on US 1. Time flies but memories remain.

Julio Fernandez is cautiously optimistic:
Although I applaud the effort and reviving this place, I can’t think it will be the same. Some things can’t be reproduced.

Gabriel Piñeres remisces:
Fox's was always a special place for us as I met my wife there. The new owners really messed this place up, Fox's lost its magic and lost a lot of the regulars. Praying that this new group can pull it off. The fact that they are locals who are in communication with the past owner is a good sign.

Mary Rose Zigler says:
As long as it’s dark as night inside, we’ll never be able to tell it’s not the real thing.

Arthur Knutson is happy:
This warms my cold, dead heart. When are we getting Purdy Lounge back?
Mari Gallet is looking forward to getting a cocktail:
And those martinis were served with a sidecar! Got to bring those back. That and the red Naugahyde booths.

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