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New Randazzo's, Another Pasha's, and The Sports Exchange Open In The Gables -- More to Come

A press release of new arrivals and soon-to-be additions to the Coral Gables dining scene was recently sent out. Of those places mentioned, Norman's 180 (180 Aragon Ave.) is the only one to eagerly await. We don't know much about Charlotte Bistro, which is due to debut at 264 Miracle Mile, but we'll remain hopeful. And we won't complain about Randazzo's Little Italy moving to new digs at 385 Miracle Mile. The rest of the list seems pretty shabby:

Fast food: Another new Pasha's has opened at 130 Miracle Mile, and yet another Fat Burger is getting set to do likewise at 232 Miracle Mile. The latter is billed as "The last great hamburger stand", which will be true only when a nuclear blast wipes out every other hamburger stand on the planet.

"Casual Mexican": Talavera (2271 Ponce de Leon Blvd.) is the name of one, Chilorio's (130 Miracle Mile) is the other. Somehow the word "casual" makes us think bright lights, fast food, and an all-you-can-eat taco-fixins bar. Hopefully they'll prove us wrong.

Sports Bar: The Sports Exchange, now open at 45 Miracle Mile, boasts "stock tickers and business suits by day, sports haven by night". Um, we hate to be the ones to break the news to you guys, but the stock ticker-obsessed business suits' day has passed. In a big way. We're all paying for what these callous cads did, and the last thing we want to do is hang out with them and watch as they guzzle more beer into their corruptly bloated bodies.

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