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New on the Menu at the Dutch, Eating House, and Pubbelly Sushi

Miami is all about looking beautiful, knowing the it spots, and keeping up with the Perezes. Sometimes you don't need a full facelift, but maybe a small nip and tuck. And just like the beautiful people of Miami, restaurants feel the need to keep it new, eye-catching, and updated.

So what's new on the menu? Here are three spots that have made some changes to keep the allure alive.

The Dutch has added quite a few dishes. For starters, there's the whole calamari ($19) braised and then finished with pickled peppers, lemon, and garlic butter. Another new appetizer is the smoked mahi ($14) served on grilled bread with lemon, crème fresh, salmon roe, capers, and dill. Moving onto entrees, there's a butternut squash lasagna with sage brown butter, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, and walnuts at ($26). Braised lamb in red wine with turnips, carrots, and pearl onions finished with a potato puree might entice you at ($24) and lastly a 14-oz., bone-in pork chop with homemade sauerkraut and an apple mustard jus goes for $36.

Eating House has taken a cue from what worked at Spice and what didn't and has put some new stylish dishes onto the updated menu. In-house Peking pork rinds with hoisin sauce go for $8. The new flatbread of burrata, cucumber, lemon, and mint sounds garden fresh at $15. A new side dish to ring in the fall season is the sweet potato with whipped maple syrup, pecans and brown butter for $8. Then there's the pork belly with raw and cooked pumpkin drizzled in a spiced coffee glaze ($15).

Pubbelly Sushi is following suit by adding some healthier options. Gluten-free fried calamari ($16) and a tamarind dipping sauce. The new salmon tartare taquito ($4) accompanied by avocado mousse and pico de gallo. Also, there's a new side dish of bok choy ($7) with kimchi and a yuzo soy sauce.

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