New Millions Don't Add Up to Big Tip From UM Coach at Sports Exchange in Gables

Less than a week after signing a new multi-year, multi-million dollar extension to coach the fabled University of Miami Hurricane Football Team, Randy Shannon took a female companion to dine at one his favorite haunts last night, the Sports Exchange in Coral Gables. So did coach let go and go wild with a pricey entrée? Did he toast his newfound millions with Champagne? Did he buy a round for the house at the UM fan stronghold? How about no, no and yeah right!

Staying true to his stoic and conservative image--well at least the recent persona, not the law-breaking, rabble-rousing, prankster thug that defined his Randiness when he played at UM in the late 1980s -- Shannon ate a rather tame meal of fish and chips (the cheapest entrée on the menu) and chugged down a couple of Coronas. His date partook of a margherita pizza (second cheapest pizza on menu) and sipped a Cosmetic (fancy name for a Cosmo-like drink).

The total bill was $25.91. Shannon left an even $32. That's at 23.5 percent tip for those scoring at home. Not bad. Certainly nowhere near putting him in the Short Order doghouse for poor tippers. But it certainly won't get Randy into the Gratuity Hall of Fame either. We'd say average for a man with such deep pockets. Kind of like his coaching so far.

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