New Cavalli Supper Club Brings Sicily to Aventura

When I first heard about the Cavalli Supper Club in Aventura, I thought of Roberto Cavalli. Then I thought of that show about horses, which I saw and...well, I'm no theater critic. What were we talking about?

Girls in bright red dresses. Yes, that is who will greet you when you enter Cavalli Supper Club according to the press release. Presumably they will be the ones to help "transport individuals to a new and redefined dining and nightlife experience in Aventura." At least I hope that's the case -- I mean I don't want some burly lumberjack transporting me into any nightlife experience. Then again, Cavalli Supper Club doesn't sound like the sort of place to employ lumberjacks.

Chef Ross M. Stern of St. Regis and

Ritz-Carlton Hotels is in charge of the "Sicilian inspired cuisine",

which includes a rare selection of caviar, wood-smoked salmon cured

in-house for 16 hours, and main plates such as chicken cacciatore

lasagna (that's one dish, not two), Sicilian style seafoods, and Cedar

River Farms bone-in veal chop "with cremini, shiitake, and morel

mushrooms, Marsala wine pan gravy, white truffle cauliflower puree and

sautéed root vegetable sachet."

That's a mouthful.

Cavalli Supper Club Aventura

19004 Northeast 29th Avenue



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