New 5 Napkin Burger: Design the Miami Burger and Win $1,000

Another New Yorker attempts to win our hearts and stomachs with the soon to open 5 Napkin Burger, just down the street from Shake Shack on Lincoln Road. With established beach burger faves like Burger & Beer Joint, 8 Oz. Burger Bar and Cheeseburger Baby all nearby, one wonders if 5 Napkin has the goods.

Although the "5 Napkin Burger" does sound delicious (10 ounces of ground chuck topped with gruyere, caramelized onions and a rosemary aioli, $10.95), I am wary of a burger joint that also peddles everything from sushi (a $10.95 veggie roll? Grrrrr.) to deep fried pickles and pastrami ($7.50). Born in Hell's Kitchen, 5 Napkin was chosen as the "Best New Burger" of 2009 by the Time Out New York 'Eat Out' Awards, so it has cred, but it seems Executive Chef Andy D'Amico needs to be everything to everyone.

The menu mash-up is disjointed -- pork taquitos, Vietnamese shrimp rolls,

matzoh ball soup, and of course, burgers. Not certain those items

exactly spell cohesive, but perhaps he is truly a chef of the world. We

shall see whether or not 5 Napkin can compete when they open in mid-June, until then, be the one to "Build the Miami Burger" and you can

win $1,000.

The local competition is on from now through June 1, so go online

and submit a recipe, a burger doodle, a video, basically anything that

demonstrates your creative burger know-how. Come opening day, see your

customized burger on the menu.

5 Napkin Burger

455 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach


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