Nespresso: No Coffee To Go? Great!

The new Nespresso Boutique Bar on Lincoln Road is a stunning cafe where patrons can sit and enjoy any of 16 Grand Cru coffees. Nespresso is something of a pioneer in premium- portioned coffee (you know, the pods) -- it's as good a cup of espresso as you're gonna get. But what I really like is that they do not offer coffee to take out.

That's right -- no to-go. You've got to sit your rear end down at either the barista bar or at one of the bright, plush, incredibly comfortable seats, and enjoy the moment. No rushing off with Blackberry in one hand and coffee in the other, pretending that the world relies on the perpetuity of your motion. If you would just take a short break, relax, and set your mind free, you'll likely come to realize that this is why cafes were invented.

Plus coffee tastes better in a real cup than in paper, and, maybe most importantly of all, the environmental benefits are fantastic (imagine how many trees are used each year for paper goods at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts shops worldwide). Good for the soul, and good for the earth. God bless Nespresso for shunning profits in favor of peace (of mind).

Tomorrow: El Jefe counters with the opposing viewpoint that coffee-to-go is a good thing.

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