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Nature Gourmet, Vegetarian & Vegan Catering for South Florida, Chef Interview

Sometimes it seems like a world meat conspiracy is afoot. Are evil, global agrifarm executives fighting a secret war against the vegetarian and vegan elements to keep them on the fringe if in existence at all?


For those who support the meatless revolution, and wanna throw a party too, there's Nature Gourmet Caterers. The young company is a partnership between Julio Maza of Harmony Vegetarian Meats and Chef Julez, who was born in Peru, trained in Italy, and spent the last 16 years in America living as a vegetarian and cooking all over South Florida.

Chef Julez says, "We offer a way for vegans and vegetarians to throw a party and satisfy everybody, even people who eat meat. We make food so tasty that everybody will like it, that's how we look at it. Even a meat lover can have a nice vegetarian meal."

"Let's say we have a Cordon Bleu. That's chicken breast folded into mozzarella and bacon. We just use vegetarian chicken, vegetarian bacon, and for the vegans we have vegan mozzarella cheese.

This is a new way of nourishing the body and living more compassionately and healthily.

Years ago it was hard for people to understand. Nowadays everybody knows that If we don't change our way of life everybody is gonna suffer.

This is transforming regular food into a higher level of taste.

We just mastered our vegan tiramisu recipe. It took six months and hundreds of recipes. We're the only ones doing it down here and we're going to start distributing it all over South Florida.

I always tell my customers you can be vegetarian for one day, it's not gonna hurt, It's a food for everybody, that's the way I see it. Be a vegetarian for one meal."

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