National Gumdrop Day
photo by Terren

National Gumdrop Day

Just when you thought you'd had your fill of that six-pound heart shaped box of chocolates, the food world plays a joke on you. Today is National Gumdrop Day. Yes, there is a holiday to celebrate these gelatin-like chewy pieces of candy with a sweet sugar coating. Maybe you have grabbed a handful from the bulk candy and stuffed them in your mouth so you couldn't tell the cashier the price. Or maybe your grandpa snuck you a few. Who knows.

They were allegedly invented by a guy named Percy Trusdale in 1801, but that's about all we know the early days. Then our beloved DOTS appeared in the 1940s and became a staple in movie theaters across the country.

Today, sinking your teeth into a box of DOTS will set you back about

$2.50 at the local AMC, but you can also do like Zoe Waits and make your


We have to wonder though if this fanatic is not hiding more from her parents then a basic gumdrop recipe as she slinks around the kitchen whispering to the camera in a seductive teenybopper manner.

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