Naked Vegan Cooking Is a Thing Now — Make It Stop (Photos)

We can call vegans a lot of things: weirdly connected to the planet, strangely into fake cheese, but this really takes the dairy-and-egg-free cake.

Naked vegan cooking is a thing now where vegans take pictures of themselves cooking vegan dishes in their birthday suits. Sometimes they're alone; sometimes they're in cheerful groups.

The only consistency is the boob-to-soy-to-butt ratio in these photos that follow.

Here we have a lovely raw lasagne. Soph, the naked vegan in the photo, prepared a raw lasagne recipe that was featured as a guest post on nakedvegancooking.com. Soph is from the UK. Smashing tattoos.

Naked vegan Joop from the Netherlends whipped up a wonderful spread for his New Year's dinner party. The star of the evening was his creamy celeriac soup with roasted walnuts.

Kai has an issue with cooked lettuce. It's quite clear in her skeptical look. However, the lettuce and spring onion soup is a vegan favorite and appropriate for all the seasons.

At a Mezze and Music event, the food was plentiful, the music was everywhere, and there were a lot of naked people walking around in socks and Crocs. Amid all the festivities and harmonica playing, Jess and Zach began to dosido.

At the end of the day, there's nothing quite like sharing a good meal with good people and lots of nakedness. We can joke all we want about how weird this is to the majority of America, but these people are comfortable enough in their own skin to share it with the world.

Hats (and shirts and skirts and bras and panties) off to you!

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