Naked Room Service on South Beach

Ever wonder what kind of crazy stuff hotel room service attendants see on South Beach? We did. So we asked around in the kitchen of a certain luxury inn where the tips are big and lips are shut.

Five attendants were waiting to send condiments and comida up the elevator about

10:30 p.m. on a recent Friday. They included a man and woman, both in their mid-20s, all suited up for the I'm-drunk-and I-need-a-burger rush.

Here's the guy's tale. When Short Order approached, looking for news of the hotel kind, he relived a great moment with a smile on his face. First, though, he asked his compadres, "Should I tell him about the Darth Vader mask?"

Yup, they all said.

"Around 4 in the morning during Winter Music Conference, this guy orders a couple bottles of Champagne. I go up to the room and there's a guy in a Darth Vader mask, wearing just his underwear. There's also a naked Asian DJ, somebody in a full panda suit, one naked chick lying on the floor getting a massage, and another girl just in her panties. For some reason people love answering the door naked when they're at a hotel.There's an automatic gratuity on all room service here, but he gave me 20 bucks."

Then the young lady chimed in. She was a pretty young thing with long black hair -- like a French maid from a porno, but wearing the uniform: black pants, black vest, and a smile. 

"Just last week I went up to a room where this guy had ordered a bucket of ice. Just a bucket of ice. He answered the door naked with a big ass smile on his face and behind him there were three naked girls making out with each other all crazy. "

Have any funny hotel room service stories? Leave a comment.

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