Mystery Café Opens Today

​Yesterday we stumbled upon a group of expertly arranged whitewashed tables and chairs, along with white sofas and country French furnishings, in the atrium of a building housing interior design showrooms. We discovered a little café was scheduled to open there today.

A company rep wouldn't share any -- and we mean any -- details, but we learned the spot would open this morning and offer coffee and baked goods for folks who happen upon the place. This level of secrecy makes us wonder if Amir Ben-Zion and his buddies are behind the place. (He's usually tight-lipped with the media.) Hmm.

We were denied permission to take photos, but this one we caught of a blown-over sandwich board on the street provided some hints. And a PR rep -- who claimed he couldn't confirm the name of the eatery (though the sign reads, "Café & Crumb"), all menu items, or the owners' names -- revealed only a few tidbits: that perhaps this spot will be open for breakfast and light lunch, and maybe cookies, smoothies, sandwiches, coffee, and wraps will be served.

Find this mystery spot in the atrium of 3930 NE Second Ave. in the Design District. Just eat and don't ask too many questions.

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