My Little Organic Bistro: Try the Grilled Coconut Cheese Sandwich

Forget blink-and-you'll-miss-it; you could be staring wide-eyed at My Little Organic Bistro and still miss it. There's no real signage, and it's tucked into a nondescript Bird Road strip mall. The only hint that something special lies within is a window proclaiming, "Organic health."

But once you're inside, you'll see that this tiny little health-food store/eatery offers a surprising array of vegan, gluten-free, organic food amid a smattering of red-checkered tabletops. The grilled "cheese" sandwich comprises a generous slab of coconut cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a slightly sweet dressing (reminiscent of tartar sauce) atop two "buttery" slices of gluten-free bread. It's delicious.

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Oozing and comfortably satisfying, the sandwich is indistinguishable from its dairy counterpart. For $12.50, it comes with soup, a salad, and some guacamole with corn chips.

Soups (and other menu items) vary from day to day. The cream of corn is light and frothy.

Other menu items include a chickpea patty sandwich, a New York-style (or Greek) pizza; a corn tortilla with coconut cheese and pico de gallo; mashed potato and chickpea croquettes; and lots of other raw and cooked options. Desserts too.

In case you have trouble finding My Little Organic Bistro, it's located next door to Kon Chau Chinese (known for its excellent dim sum). The bistro accepts cash tips only. And remember, you can pick up supplements and other health-food goodies because it's a store too.

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