Muscle Maker Grill: Get 15 Percent Off!

Heads up, Miami! New Jersey-based Muscle Maker Grill in midtown Miami is offering 15 percent off all meals through the new year. All you have to do is "Like" it on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

The health-conscious hot spot serves tasty, natural, gym-friendly meals. Try the Godfather -- two hearty

chicken breasts and a slew of portobello mushrooms sprinkled with ooey-gooey

mozzarella and marinated red bell pepper slivers atop a bed of crunchy, steamed

broccoli (say that five times fast). The flavor kicker is the balsamic sauce.

Owner Enrique Gomez warmly greets all

customers who walk through the door. While there, I witnessed the muscle buff himself (pun sort of intended), wag his finger at a Miami-Dade police officer who moseyed in

chomping on a giant cookie.

It's called Muscle Maker, bub, not flab maker.

Put down that cookie and ask

about Muscle Maker Grill's personalized dietary meal plans! Tell Enrique what type of workout

regimen you're on, and he'll whip up a Fuel-Force MMG meal plan to meet your

needs (they even deliver!). Yes, there is dessert in this house of protein and good carbs -- sugar-free

cheesecake. Lucky for you, it qualifies for a meal plan.

Now drop and give me 20!

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