Multitasking Coffeemakers, the New Trend?

There is no doubt that Miami has a coffee culture. Whether you enjoy a cortadito, double espresso, or "tall" drip, there are choices on every corner. Does this mean death to the home coffee machine? Not yet. But a few contenders are definitely trying to stay ahead of the curve with their multitasking machines.

Quosmo Portable Coffeemaker
This compact and "portable" coffeemaker by Diverge Design out of Italy is made for the "urban coffee drinker on the go." Weighing less than eight pounds, it's great for when you are asked to bring coffee to a meeting or just want to stop and talk to a street vendor.

This in-car single-serve coffee machine from Nespresso is another portable option that might have more success in traffic-laden Miami. Just make sure you don't spill your macchiato when you zoom past that Mercedes in the SunPass lane.

Radio Coffeemaker

A great way to cut back on your FPL bill is this Good News coffeemaker. It offers both a radio and coffeemaker in one, so there are fewer appliances to turn on. Let's just hope you left it on the right station when you turned it off -- you don't want your roommates knowing you listen to Love 94 when you are home alone.

Coffeemaker Phone

The Pomegranate concept phone takes mobile coffee making to a whole new level. Yes...that's a filter on the left side and this hands-free device makes a cup of coffee in 30 seconds -- no more excuses for sleeping at your desk. It's not on the market, but to get a full demo of how it works, we recommend you visit their site.

Coffeemaker lab

Not since John Hughes' Weird Science, have we seen a set up like this....but if you are out to impress, this Japanese siphon bar is the way to go. Just make sure you have an extra $20,000 in the bank.

We've all heard that time management and multi-tasking will set you ahead of the curve, but with the prices of these gadgets maybe your daily visit to the coffee bar is not such a bad deal after all.

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