Ms. Cheezious' bikini babe is glowing.
Ms. Cheezious' bikini babe is glowing.
Photo by Laine Doss

Ms. Cheezious Is Open: Check Out the Sexy Neon Artwork (Video)

The brick-and-mortar Ms. Cheezious restaurant in the MiMo District is finally open.

The restaurant began operating yesterday for a few hours. It will be closed today, February 2, and will reopen tomorrow, February 3, at 11 a.m.

What will have Miami talking -- besides the restaurant's new patty melt -- is the gorgeous neon artwork gracing the building's façade.

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A five-foot-tall Ms. Cheezious babe seductively rests her hands on her lap as she kicks one leg in the air, luring you in, as if to whisper in a Scarlett Johansson-esque rasp, "Hey there. Want to try my cheesy goodness?"

Restaurant partner Fatima Mullins says Jim from Bulldog Neon created the art piece, based on the food truck's polka-dotted bikini babe.

Mullins says the neon art is not only a stop-dead-in-your-tracks conversation piece but also a tribute to classic Biscayne Boulevard architecture. "MiMo was all neon back in the day, so we wanted to stay true to the history."

This past Friday evening, as people walked out of the Vagabond Hotel, featuring another classic period sign, they stopped to watch the retro-looking bathing beauty cast a colorful glow on Biscayne Boulevard.

The Coppertone Girl: Two larger-than-life bathing beauties in MiMo.
The Coppertone Girl: Two larger-than-life bathing beauties in MiMo.

Coincidentally, just a block south, the Coppertone Girl is forever being harassed by her puppy in a more innocent bikini scene. The Coppertone Girl sign, by the way, was donated to the MiMo District and relocated to 7300 Biscayne Blvd. in 2008 after being designated a historical landmark.

Check out the sign and stay for a crabby cheese melt and a cold beer.

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