Motto Suggestions For Miami Restaurants

Restaurateurs are increasingly seeking new ways to boost sales. I say: A good motto never hurts. And also: But a bad motto is funnier. In that spirit, allow me to lend some ideas for catchy tag lines -- don't worry restaurant owners, no charge for the suggestions!

Motto for Einstein Bros. Bagels on Alton Road: Serving fresh bagels in discombobulated fashion since 1997!

Motto for Talula:This restaurant is a lot better than it looks from the outside when driving by!

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Motto for Au Pied de Cochon: Coming January '09!

Motto for Red The Steakhouse:We're not Gotham The Steakhouse, or Meat Market The Steakhouse, or Smith & Wollensky The Steakhouse, or Tuscan Steak The Steakhouse, or...

Motto for Badrutt's Place: Nice place to club, but you wouldn't want to eat here!

Motto for Sushi SoBe in the Loews Hotel: Raw fish with rice -- the next big thing!

Motto for Vida at the Fontainebleau:Our distinctive wine list is printed in such tiny font that even the world's greatest hieroglyphics experts have yet to decipher it!

Motto for Rare Steakhouse: No, we are not Red The Steakhouse!

Motto for Ahnvee Restaurant and Lounge: Coming December '08!

Motto for Gaia Ristorante: Stop on by -- we're only four blocks south of I Corsini, not to be confused with Osteria del Teatro, Escopazzo, or the dozen Italian restaurants on Ocean Drive, just across the street from Prime 112 and right next door to Prime Italian, in the back of the Bentley Hotel where you can't see us!

Motto for Miami Spice 2009: The printed lyrics to "If Ever I Should Leave You".

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