Moët I-395 Billboard an Obnoxious & Dangerous Distraction

As though the combination of drinking champagne and driving a car hasn't created enough traffic accidents over the years, Moët & Chandon is launching a distracting digital billboard visible to drivers heading into Miami Beach via I-395.

The billboard ad campaign, which starts today, is called "Miami 16 Seconds of Fame." It will feature flashing party photos of consumers celebrating with a bottle of the namesake booze; the photos will change at 16-second intervals.

The idea is for folks to post their Moët party shots on the company's Facebook page, and those selected will be notified of the time and date their "fame" will be achieved. The program, which runs through April 24, "was developed to engage consumers in an interactive advertising platform." Translation: We are going to have our consumers produce our advertising for us -- and save a bundle in the process!

But the real bummer here is that pulsating party photos are the last thing drivers need to be distracted by while operating a vehicle. Worse, if distracted enough, it could end up being the last thing a driver sees before plowing into something or someone.

Moët's Fame billboard will likely flash the advice to "drive responsibly". Our advice to Moët & Chandon: Advertise responsibly.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.