Morton's Cookbook Reveals Culinary Secrets

An evening at Morton's Steakhouse means that you'll be plied with luxe cuts of meats begging to be dipped in a creamy bernaise, tangy A-1, or served up plain and simple, showcasing the cow in its purest form. But if an evening at Morton's Steakhouse means that you can't pay June's rent the resto has a cookbook for you. You'll learn how to make their famed Rancher's Rub, blue-cheese dip, and exotic cocktails right at home from Morton's The Cookbook, a tome that picks up where the first (Morton's Steak Bible) left off. Written by Klaus Fritsch, co-founder of the steakhouses, the book tells you how to cook it, how to serve it, and which beverages will make it sing - all you have to do is shop and read. Simple enough. Tonight at the Brickell location (1200 Brickell Ave.), $59 buys you a copy of the book, a sampling of featured recipes, and the chance to participate in an auction which could win you an unforgettable evening at Morton's Chef Table with six friends. 100% of auction proceeds benefit Feeding America. Dig in.

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Raina McLeod
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