More Turkey-Shaped Objects to Drool Over

Every so often, Robbin Slocum, wife of our Managing Editor Ed Newton,

treats the editorial department to one of her delicious rum cakes.

These things are no joke. First off, they're doused in enough tasty,

fermented cane that if you had a post gustatory smoke after eating a

slice you'd be in danger of losing your eyebrows. Secondly, all that

rum makes for one moist, dense piece of cake. It's just the right

amount of sweet, and the crushed walnuts on top level it out with the

perfect, savory crunch. Robbin, please don't ever quit.

So, in

the spirit of Thanksgiving, Robbin constructed not a bundt -shaped

cake, as she usually does, but a form far more... seasonal.


I didn't have a piece this time, as the cake was promised to our Art

Director who had performed favors untold for it. But we will have our

cake, and eat it to, by God!  We promise to pry the recipe from Robbin

and post it here soon, readers.

-- John Linn

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