More Suggested Restaurant Mottos

Part of our ongoing series of snappy slogan suggestions for local restaurateurs.

Solea at the W in South Beach: At last: An upscale Mediterranean restaurant in a fancy hotel!

Area 31: No dude, we're not about UFO's.

La Paloma: John McCain says our ambiance reminds him of his great-grandmother's house!

Asia de Cuba: You don't quibble with our outlandish prices, and we won't make fun of your rube-ish out-of-towner outfits.

Crazy Pianos: What two words instinctively come to mind when you're craving good food? Crazy Pianos!

Wish: If you like our tie-died uniforms, you'll just love our extensive Paul McCartney CD collection.

Fatburger on South Beach: Thanks for sticking with us even though Five Guys is getting set to open just a few blocks away. Hey wait -- come back!

Eos in the Viceroy Hotel: Michelangelo finished the Sistine Chapel in less time than it has taken us to complete our wine list!

STK Steakhouse in the Gansevoort Hotel: At last: A contemporary steak house in South Beach!

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