More Restaurant Mottos!

Short Order occasionally takes time out to share our considerable marketing expertise with those who may or may not need our help. It's admittedly a specialized marketing expertise, one that focuses solely on providing memorable mottos that brand restaurants with a strongly identifiable concept. We only ask that the restaurateurs mentioned below hold their applause and enthusiasm until after they see how much sales soar when these snappy slogans are applied.

Seasons 52: Don't confuse us with Market 17!

Michy's: Come try our great food - and buy some Crisco, too!

Norman's 180: Don't eat, tweet!

Restaurant Tagliatelle: For when you're just not in the mood for the other 75 Italian restaurants in South Beach.

Heavy Burger (new in Aventura): We know burgers are so last year, but permits took longer than expected!

Two Chefs: A South Florida success since 1995, and you still haven't eaten here!

Sakaya Kitchen: Miami's original cool Asian place!

Market 17: Don't confuse us with Seasons 52!

DB Bistro Moderne: We'll be open for business this weekend! No, really, we're ready! No, we are not kidding, we will open this Saturday! Hey, stop laughing!

Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita: We're more than just a clever name...well, maybe not, but still!

Table 40 (in the Hotel Intercontinental): When you simply can't decide between Seasons 52 and Market 17!

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