More Oil Spill Reactions From Miami Seafood Chefs and a Fisherman

Now that the BP Oil Spill has hit the Mississippi Delta and toxic seas lap at unprotected marsh, Miami's eyes are on the slick with greater fear for our coastline than even before.

We spoke to more local chefs, a restaurant owner, and a fisherman too for their reactions to this environmental crisis.

Simon Stojanovic - Executive Chef - Altamare
"If the oil comes around to the Atlantic we're in trouble. We might have to become a steak house."

Bradley Herron - Chef de Cuisine - Michael's Genuine Food & Drink
"Everyone is concerned. We haven't seen the effects yet, but we're gonna. Except for grouper, I'm just buying everything I can get at this point - yellow jack, cobia, trigger, kingfish. Prices from our guys have remained pretty much the same, but it's just a matter of time."

Delius Shirley  - Co-Owner of Ortanique On The Mile
"We already fly about half our fish in from Hawaii. We may have to go to South America for shrimp, conch, and other items.

"BP is gonna take years to pay for damage and losses. If you're looking for them to pay tomorrow, I say they're not going to. It could take them 7, 8, 9, 10 years, then they'll drag it through court for 4 or 5 years, and by then people are under, banks have taken boats and stuff back and the fishermen will have nothing."

Jorge Figueroa - Commercial Fisherman - Trigger Seafood
"I've been commercial fishing for about six years, but I've been fishing all my life. I sell a lot to Chef Michael Schwartz

"I wasn't too concerned at first, the oil mostly being up north in the Gulf, but the way it's moving south. The unthinkable would be if a large part of the spill were to wash ashore. That would be devastating.

"My concerns are for the shallow waters and the reefs. If oil contaminates

the water, and the fish, then they close down the area. They do that and I'm

out of business. Can you imagine a contamination of two or three years?"

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