Moose Turd Cookies and Other Weird Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Sure most of us think of pumpkin pie for dessert on turkey day but there are plenty of others to choose from. So while Uncle Harry is devouring the last of the peach cobbler and Aunt Betty is stuffing her face with with apple pie, you might enjoy one of these odd little treats...Or at least you can be thankful you're not eating this crap.

Cherpumple Pie Cake

This three layer cake is several desserts wrapped into one. Cherpumple pie cake includes cherry pie, cake, and pumpkin pie all baked together to create a doozy. The kicker? Cream-cheese filling. You will be sure to lick that sweet tooth, but will your stomach handle it? We think not.

Moose Turd Cookies

This is the one that you might blame on the dog. The moose turd cookie is a plop of chocolatey goodness and while it looks like, well you know, it is pretty darn tasty. Slip one of these onto your neighbor's plate after dinner to really give him or her a real kick in the pants.

Chocolate Wacky Depression Cake

While the turkey will cause you to feel drowsy, this chocolate wacky depression cake may make you feel suicidal. What a perfect combination?

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

You have to admit, this looks very festive. The best part is that this Thanksgiving Turkey Cake has all the fixings Inside you'll find mashed potatoes, turkey and sweet potato. Yum.

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Carissa Chesanek
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