Mojito Fries at Asia de Cuba

​​Located inside the Mondrian South Beach is Asia de Cuba, which features an upscale pan-Asian menu. The white on white décor inside the restaurant is reminiscent of fairy tales while the hotties that South Beach is famous for congregate there for late night dinner and drinks.

There are several different menus to choose from depending on what day you visit, what time you visit and what day of the week you choose to dine there. They have a dinner menu, a lunch menu, a breakfast menu, a brunch menu and a poolside menu. A unique menu option on the lunch menu and poolside menu is a side of mojito fries that is offered with some entrees. You can also order a side of mojito fries for $7 à la carte, even though it is not listed on the menu as a side dish option.

If you are expecting the mojito fries to resemble your favorite drink, you will be a little disappointed. Mojitos usually consist of mint leaves, sugar, white rum, lime juice and club soda. Most people would expect mint leaves, sugar and lime juice to be used as ingredients in mojito fries, but that is not the case. The fried potatoes are flavored with lime juice, cilantro, parsley salt and garlic, which is more similar to mojo sauce rather than a mojito recipe.

The fries are delicious if you can get past the misleading name. The French fries were just average skinny fried potatoes and weren't even cooked long enough to be crispy. However, the tangy and flavorful blend of ingredients added to the fries made them worth writing about.

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