MIT Nerds Get Table Manners and Dating Instruction

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a private research university located in Cambridge. The co-educational mecca is famous for its scientific and technological training and research programs. Founded in 1861, and offering hi-tech classes that most of us will never qualify for, MIT has now ventured into accessible programs for the masses, who don't plan to become rocket scientists.

Now, here's what the rest of us will probably appreciate: Geeks, nerds, and all of those A+ high school students who made the rest of us look inadequate are now being told that they need to brush up on their social skills, especially table manners.

Yep, the tables have finally turned. MIT is offering elective classes that will instruct students, (Martha Stewart would say, "Le Savoir Faire," which loosely translated means knowing your shit) on how to place forks on the left, knives on the right with blade facing the fork, spoon on the right of the knife and POSITIVELY no gadgets& and phones allowed... anywhere while eating.

MIT as well as other universities is including cooking classes, tastings and discussions on how to make the most of a meal at charm school.

Seems that many of the MIT students have no idea as to how to comport themselves with regards to table manners and formalities. Students learn to pull out a chair for ladies, pass the gravy without spilling, what fork, knife or spoon should be used and how to make that important luncheon with a client... elegant, memorable and powerful.

Entitled "Charm School 2012: Business Etiquette Lunch," it is taught by Ms. Alana Hamlett. The short course, details the ins and outs of dining etiquette and table conversation during a business meeting.

Oh, here's another tasty morsel. MIT is also offering dating etiquette workshops. Seems those geeks, nerds, and all of the rest of them, who didn't have a prom date, need coaching on... flirting, asking someone out for lunch or dinner, dating and building solid relationships.

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