Misspelled Miami Restaurant Signs

One of the coolest things about living in Miami is the vast array of different cultures.

With a generous blend of southern American, northern American, native American, Caribbean, European, Asian, and Latin influences, our city could never be accused of being "cookie-cutter." 

Which is why it's very possible to drive down the road and see completely new words for everything.

From the phonetically spelled phrases to words so butchered it takes a few beats to figure out what the sign owner was trying to get across, these signs constantly baffle.

And no, we're not taking shots at the hard-working shop owner for whom English might be a second (or third or fourth) language. We're talking about the person who runs the sign shop and doesn't proofread the work.

Yesterday we came across the "perfect" Miami meal. Who doesn't like the classic soup and sammie for a light yet satisfying lunch?

We'll start with a nice steaming helping of spit peas soup from Best Friends Restaurant. (Strangely enough, a restaurant inspection "observed residue build-up on nonfood-contact surface, all kitchen equipment." Could it be those nasty spit peas after a hissy fit?)

Spit peas soup -- in your eye.

Then it's off to get a


at the local


in midtown, which happens to be a gym, a concierge service (that was spelled correctly, by the way), and a


bar. Which


will you choose? We're going with the



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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.