Miss One Ninety? Get Your Fix at Luuur

Live music, good and affordable food, and a bohemian vibe made One Ninety popular among locals back when it operated in Buena Vista. It then closed and reopened at a new location after a two-year absence. And then it closed again to the disappointment of many.

The man behind it all, however, chef Alan Hughes is back. This time with a "guerilla" one-table restaurant that anyone can book a reservation at as long as there are four or more people in the party. Here's what Hughes had to say about it and his whereabouts.

How did the idea for Luuur come about?

Old clients of mine have been insistent of me opening a new place, so much so that [they] asked if they could come to my home to eat and that's how the idea began.

What's with the name?

Do you know what it means? Neither do I...

What's the average cost per person?

BYOB starts at $50 per person.

You're doing an online cooking show. When is that planned to launch?

No dates have been set; I will start with classic recipes from One Ninety or the One Ninety "hits" so people can make them at home.

What else are you up to?

I am working with an outreach program teaching teenagers in Allapattah how to cook and make better food choices. It is called Higher Ground.

I also occasionally speak at The Juvenile Detention Center and try to give the "inmates" an inside scoop of the hospitality field.

I have a new rock electric trio, preparing my next record. We are playing at Bardot on the 30th.

I am actively doing collages, have finished and auctioned a guitar for Gibson Guitar town, contributing recipes (James Beard award 2008 for The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Cuisine), lots of private chef work...

To make reservations follow these instructions from Chef Alan Hughes's website: "Email us or you can actually speak to monsieur le chef, simply calling 786.285.1788. Be concise and go strate to the point. We love you!!"

More information at .

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